Negative Space By Ethan Jones
Photography to me is about the simplicity and making the subject minimal.
I don’t know where I really started on my photography journey. But here I am now.
I have my Nikonos V to thank for my obsession with surf photography.
Writing about yourself is kinda weird to be honest… Like what do you talk about.
I know I’ve perfected the stingray shuffle at the Ocean Beach Jetty.
Mac and Cheese and Bananas with Peanut Butter are good as fuck.
I live on the cliffs looking over the pacific ocean with my two roommates, hey Austin hey
Kaylee. And I’m a sucker for Endless Summer.
This year alone has been a crazy ride. I’ve been so fortunate to travel and shoot with
Some of my best friends.  And most importantly being able to share my work for some souls to


February 17, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: FILM



Wes said:

The original OB shuffler

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