My Vision by Bon Morse
I’ve always been passionate about the ocean. I think the excitement of getting up early, travelling to a location and not knowing what to expect is something that I’ll always love. I’m always welcomed with something unique and interesting.


As a photographer the ocean is such an amazing subject to work with because it is constantly changing, it really challenges me to be creative and adapt to the environment. On the surface there is nothing there to see - an empty beach, a blank ocean. Yet everything about the coast holds me captive, has me returning morning and night, high tide and low because it is never the same place.


Taking photos really helps me to get out of my head and be present. I love that it allows me to tune into my surroundings and notice things I would never notice otherwise. Going out and shooting lets me escape to a place where I can be alone with my thoughts, a place that I can explore and share with others. I’m grateful that I can share my vision with other people and it’s super cool that everyone interprets my work in their own way.



November 27, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: SURF

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