My Salty Life by Aamie Cush
The ocean has been part of my life since I could walk, I guess you could say I’m lucky to have been born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and still call it home now, along with my husband raising our two little people here.     
There is something about saltwater that makes me feel refreshed and reenergised, I try and get to the beach at least once a day, early morning or Winter afternoons are my favourite. 
I do love the way water, light and movement come together, I love capturing this at sunrise.  It started as a passion but hoping to take it further, especially this year, I have two little people in school, thus more time hopefully!  
I have been a volunteer clubby for over 25 years at Coolum Beach, over the years my love for the ocean and her beauty has grown and it is really something that keeps me content.
Photography is a way to pause a moment and although the ocean/water is a relative new genre for me, I love that I get to use the beach /ocean to take a breath, whether it has been a good/bad day it is a great place to stop and take a minute.


February 04, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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