My Home, Mexico by Fernanda Reyes
I wanted to talk about my home, Mexico.


I wanted to really talk about my magic town, Sayulita, there are so many storys and photos and articles in magazines, but no one has the real words to express what this place is because nobody from here, has ever done a story or talked about it from the inside, I want to take this opportunity to do it now. We live in the middle of the jungle on this tiny town full of colours, surf, art, virgin beaches, mango and banana trees, living the calm magical life, travelers from all over the world decide this place was their home. When Sayulita gets you, there is no way out. There is nowhere else you can feel more at home than here. You are able to live a really simple life but have so many things that fulfils your soul like the beautiful people living here. It is such a small community and everyone becomes your family, everybody takes care of each other. And what about the surf! What can fill your soul more than surf? We have brakes that have made the best surfers representing Mexico. We all share the same love, to nature and to the ocean specially who fulfils our souls every single day.




August 23, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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