My Dear Friend, The Sea by Yago Quilez
I was born in Alicante, Spain, a small town located in the Mediterranean Sea. Since childhood I was passionate about everything that was related to the sea. I spent the mornings on the beach with my friends, windsurfing or just having an ice cream. But he was always there with me, my dear friend the sea.

After finishing my university studies I started in the world of photography. I started working in gastronomic and product photography but I did not feel fulfilled ... Then I decided to change my life and I went to Australia, one of the paradises of surfing. 

Here I began to know another type of photography as modelling or landscapes but something changed in me. Paradisiacal beaches, waves, surfers in the water.. I knew it was time to get into the water to take pictures. 

Sun, sand, salt water embedded in my skin, my tired legs flapping in the water, the waves passing over me, free surfers posing with their best tricks for me, laughter.... All these sensations run through my body when I'm inside the ocean taking pictures. 

Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled as a photographer, I have finally found my place. Everything ends where one day began, next to you my friend the sea.
Instagram: @yagopro

May 28, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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