Moroccan Madness by Liam Matear and Jordan Pinder
Steep take-offs, questionable currents and our fair share of diarrhoea. Some of the more amusing moments from our week-long escape from the exotic reality that is England in the depths of November. English surf in the winter can be pretty impressive when it has its moment. However, for the majority, you can basically half the swell and double the wind forecasted to get an idea of the conditions. Hence, we ventured further afield to Morocco in search of something with a bit more drive.  
We arrived at night, which is always eventful; even more so when you speak neither French nor Arabic and have only the instruction of meeting the relative of a man you know from Airbnb as Mr. Fantastic. Thankfully, as the carpark cleared, it became abundantly clear who the stragglers were, making it easy enough to find the 3 of us looking somewhat lost with our board bags.
Our local North Sea breaks back home are cold, dark and consistently ‘double underhead’, so we were pretty delighted to find fierce sets firing off the tip of Anchor Point. Walls of water propagated up the coastline, passing our balcony overlooking Hash Point, eventually crashing into the incredible beach break known as Panoramas; which we loved, just not the raw sewage outflow (need not explain).
Here are a few digital and analogue photos from the fun we were having not dressed in our usual 6mm of neoprene. Unfortunately, no water shots as both Jordan and I flooded our Nikonos cameras just weeks before the trip. Enjoy!


December 10, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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