Moments From Hawaii by Brenden Donahue
I discovered photography through the analogue process of film my freshmen year of college —I was drawn to a medium where the method of working and the element of chance in process felt kindred to the unpredictability of the natural world.


Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, slowing down to see the world in 36 frames effects both the images I choose to capture and how I relate to the unknown in process. Timing is everything with film. Processing the film can affect the way the final images come out and the uncertainty of getting the shot I imagined while I was shooting.


This is a collection of images ranging from 2019-2020. The unprecedented event that has taken course during the new year is devastating but as I keep my head high; I’ve taken this time to really focus on my art. I hope everyone is staying safe and creating amazing pieces of art!








April 14, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: FILM

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