Mi Vida Mexicana by Emy Dossett
It’s a burst of colour in random moments. With vivid sunsets etched into the back of your eyeballs with fire laced skies.

It’s the turquoise water lined with palms, mountains, and cliffs, with the echoes of locals whistling, the electric vibes of when the sets roll in, shouting in Spanish ‘valle, valle, valle’ and the cheering when you drop into a nice wall of salty goodness.

 It’s capturing those moments of pure stoke when you know you’ve got the shot and everyone’s smile is plastered from ear to ear.

It’s the shards of rosas, lemons, tropical greens, aquas, naranjas and vibrant azuls that dance across in front of you and don’t let you look the other way, mesmerising you, hooking you in and then popping itself in your memory, staying there for eternity.

I packed my bags in May 2018 and decided to pursue my dreams of being a Full-Time Ocean Photographer, learning Spanish fluently, surfing every day and connecting with a local community. I’m now living my dreams in Sayulita, Mexico.
Emy xx




(Surfer in cover image: Emmanuel Alva Corona; @manuel_sk81)

(Surfer: Pepe Sanchez; @joseluis_ocean)

(Surfer: Laur Stefani; @luarstefani)

(Surfer: Mirian Venture Esteban; @venturemirian)

(Surfer: Pepe Sanchez; @joseluis_ocean)

(Surfer: Camille Werner; @camillewerner)

(Surfer: Felipe Bodoque Hernandez; @bodoquesurf)

(Surfer: Emmanuel Alva Corona; @manuel_sk81)

February 18, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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