Love For The Break by Thomas Reber
Putting time, effort and creativity into producing images can be hard. Conceptualising a still and going to capturing it can be a trial and error of complete satisfaction or failure. (gotta learn somehow hey?)


I'm Thomas, been doing photography as a bit of self taught fun for over 12 years. Capturing an image just moves me, I spend hours thinking of what next, how can I create an image that every time I view it I find something about the image inspiring and moving. After being a somewhat self proclaimed travel photographer I found myself trying to go out and take photos of anything, I've spent countless hours taking photos of a lot of things to always come home and feel unsatisfied by the images I'm getting, feeling the lack of creative flow. 
Queue a breaking wave, with a surfer cruising along the front of mother natures beauty. The creative flow I've been looking for is something I've always been interested in, Surfing. Although I'm not a great surfer, I love to be in the water, and generally catching the worlds smallest wave and feeling like I am Mick Fanning. But I am a photographer with a creative urge and capturing from the moment someone enters the water till the time they exit is awe inspiring to see what happens in and around them.
Now picture this, a Hobby photographer, wandering around Winki and Bells watching along after checking the surf report and realising all systems are go. 
flick the key, drive down, kick back and watch my new found love for watching the break.
Keep an eye out as a love to be down by the break, come say hi and you might be lucky enough to be in some photos.


November 20, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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