Losing Light by Kajeera Jenkins

I like to take photos.

I’m 22 years old from Breamlea, Victoria a sleepy town on the beach, my haven. Photography has grown into a love over the years, I remember one of my first camera’s a Sanyo Xacti underwater camera, living on the beach I surfed everyday so there was a constant battle of surf or shoot.
At the end of 2016 I got my Bachelor of Photography Degree at RMIT in Melbourne, my final project “CI” was the realisation of my goals. I hand crafted a photo-book of ocean photography in which I focussed on abstraction, warping perspective, surreal colour and lighting. I attempted to share my perspective of the ocean and try to show my connection with it.

The work I’m submitting is a shortened down version of my final uni project, “CI”. Through my work I aim to reveal the sublime, serene and surreal. I employ light, motion and water to create truly disorienting and abstract imagery. I intend this work to not only inspire, but to make people think, how was that image shot? Where was it shot? The air of mystery is the true driving force behind my work. Importantly, these images aren’t just a moment in time but an experience in my life. 


Check some more of Kajeera's work here via his website.

May 31, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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