Live Deliciously by Octavio Coutiño Aceves
Everyday Im realizing how I’m growing more frequently, I wake up with the urge to create something new. However, my goal is not to run for something, it’s to live different experiences with the people I love.

I love to travel, explore, wander, drift. I love to meet different people from places I’ve never been, discover beaches that have only manifested in my dreams, experience different cultures that are so diverse from anything I know.
Surf photography has taught me all of this and now I realize how we, as humans, only have a few seconds to connect with the ocean allowing us to manifest with him and enjoying the unique pieces of art it makes.
I find myself trying harder everyday to make the best content I can. I don’t do this for the people. I do it for myself and mostly I make this things just for fun.
My name is Octavio Coutiño, Im a Mexican Photographer and this is my experience.


“Live Deliciously”






January 21, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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