Lines by Daniel Furudahl
As a long time passionate climber, I tend to always fall in love with lines. Lines that can be everything  from a 3000 foot rock pillar, to a short crack splitting a boulder. And it’s always the lines that draws my attention.
Five years ago I discovered surfing, and it was just fabulous, so much joy! Something so playful, and in a totally new element then I was used to. 
Since I live in Sweden, I was instantly introduced to the cold seas up here. As cold as 0 degrees celsius in winter time, the time of year when the sea gives us waves with regularity. The time when the days are short and the light is weak, creating the best of memories. But also the time of year when the ocean freezes us down, making us want to discover warmer continents and seas. 
Surfing also led me into changing the perspective with my photography, looking for different lines, different moments to catch. For me it’s not about finding turns, it’s more about trying to find a moment, a moment combined with the lines of water, skies and landscapes. Finding the beauty of the elements that surround us.
Recently I moved to an island in the middle of the Baltic sea. It was a step forward for me to get more time in the water, both with and without the camera. And maybe getting closer to understand the waves of the Baltic Sea more. A sea that often demands you to be in the right place when the winds change. Then giving you clean waves for a couple of hours before they either disappear or turn into a mess again.
Maybe I will learn to understand them. 
One thing I know, is that I will continue collecting lines with my camera. In my journey to understand, whatever is for me to be understood.




February 12, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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