Layer of Salt by Dean James
As we all sit in various levels of lockdown around the world it is a good chance to focus on our creative sides and concentrate on doing something that we never thought we would have time to do.


Biographies like this are good to give a more personal insight into who the person is behind the photos that you like and of the pages you follow, who knows you may have been stood next to them at the beach without knowing…
My name is Dean James aka ‘Jamesy’ or ‘Layerofsalt’, Im a 45 year old bloke, married with 3 kids and a French Bulldog called George, i was born in Wales UK and surfed since the age of 10. My parents bought me a surfboard after seeing an advert on TV and it changed my life. I surfed as much as I could like every other grom and left school at the age of 15 to work with my Dad as a builder and did various surf trips through Europe with friends until 18 which was when I spent the next 4 years back and fore to Australia, Indo and Fiji.
My photographic interest started around the age of 13 when I used to shoot black and white film badly with my dads old 35mm Praktica.
Things progressed from there over the next 20 years with surf and photography until I had a hip replacement and found myself shooting more and surfing less.  In 2013 I emigrated to Australia from Wales and now live on the Northern Rivers of NSW near the Qld border.
I shoot mainly surf and lifestyle and have enjoyed documenting the local crew of legends in my hometime area, the level of which is some of the best in the world, The portfolio presented is mainly reflective of that, hope you enjoy.
In the meantime, stay at home stay safe and I think that when we come out the other side of this the world is going to be a better place…
Good always comes from bad.
Dean James.





March 26, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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Julie Behrens

Julie Behrens said:

Hey Dean,
Love your work xx

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