Latinamerica by Ramiro Esteban

Words by Ramiro.

Edits by SV.

I started my trip in January of 2016. First I was in Chile in the Valparaiso Region. Close to me, there was a beach break for bodyboarders. After of three months here I booked my flight to come back to Spain with a stop in Perú. I missed the flight to Spain so I could see a famous wave in Peru - Chicama. I attached some photos of my days there.

Returned to Chile traveling by road and knowing some other places of the coast of Peru and important spots in the north of Chile as Arica and Iquique. I continued to live in Valparaiso for a few more months and to knowed some of the mythical surf spots in Chile such as Pichilemu and Puertecillo. In September 2016 I traveled to the north of Chile, I lived in the desert for 7 months working on many different things, selling tours in a travel agency, translator, guide, photographer, designer, web developer, receptionist at a hostel...

I was able to know and photograph those Incredible landscapes that are found in the Atacama Desert and I could also visit the Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia - an awesome place.

After 7 months without sea I needed to get out of there. In March I traveled to Panama City, then I spent a few days in Bocas del Toro and then I arrived in Costa Rica. I do not usually plan my trip very much, but I would like to visit Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico .... Here in Puerto Viejo I have known some local surfers and we are waiting for the entry of a good swell... My submission is based on some of my favourite photos from surfing in Latinamerica. Enjoy!


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June 14, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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