Only The Ocean by Jason Bowen
Hi my name is Jason Bowen and I’m based on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. I work as a full-time paramedic and on my days off I take photos. This hobby has led me on some incredible adventures, taken me to places I’d otherwise not have seen and I’ve met some amazing people along the way. Whist I’ve dabbled in other forms of photography shooting the surf and beautiful oceanic landscapes is where my passion lies. 
I got into photography about 4 years ago after coming across Chris Burkard’s early work in Surfer Magazine. With a love for the ocean already instilled as an avid surfer and an allure to hobbies that allow a creative outlet it felt only natural to pick up a camera.
Photography for me has been self-taught which has meant a whole lot of trial and error and many hours spent watching Youtube tutorials. I found a big turning point for me was about a year in when I started to learn how to use manual settings and a deeper level of creativity was made possible. 
My experience with surf/oceanic photography began with a Go Pro equipped with a dome and an entry level Nikon DSLR. A few years later I decided to bite the bullet and invest in underwater housing for my camera and I haven’t looked back. Nowadays I’m shooting with Sony full frame Alpha cameras paired with Aquatech housing as well as the Mavic series drone for aerial images.
I’d say the photography style I strive for is a minimalistic approach with the use of negative space. As for colors I’m a sucker for dreamy pastels and soft tones and shooting during ‘golden hour’ helps me to achieve this.
Surf photography has given me a creative outlet through which I can share my love of the ocean, my experiences and vision.  It’s an ever-changing landscape that will never cease to amaze me.
Insta: @jason_bowen
October 18, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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