Creativity and Adversity by Jack Davis
My name is Jack Noel Davis, I'm a photographer from the South Coast NSW.
We find ourselves in strange times, facing a concurrent health and economic crisis. No doubt we will face adversity and uncertainty in our short to medium term futures, especially those relying on income in the creative industry.


I originally got into photography because I developed a chronic back condition and was unable to continue to surf. I was inspired by my favourite photographers to pick up a camera in place of a surfboard. I unknowingly used my camera to express my sadness, my anger and my frustration, which ultimately was a profoundly cathartic process by which I channelled my negative experience into a positive outcome.


Facing adversity can be an opportunity to strengthen your character and to do your best within your limitations. I would encourage creatives to endure throughout the next few months, use it to inspire your work. I would also encourage creatives to support each other to ultimately come out stronger on the other side.


Be safe and stay strong.








May 15, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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