In Pursuit Of The Little Moments by Bella Langlands-Grieve
Wavey, lazy, hazey. Slinky, slippery sunlight, tastes like salt & neoprene. Little moments of euphoria, coasting along hightened ripples as the ocean meets the shore. Little moments, fluid motion. Split seconds captured as they happened, blurry & fuzzy by a disposable polaroid.
Foamy whitewash, liquid aquamarine daydreams. Glassy waves in motion. Duck divinb under icy water, feeling that momentary sensation; Shock drawing breath from your lungs. Both at once uncomfortable,  but not unpleasant- a salty disposition.
That raw, breathless & authentic feeling of just being alive. Sounds silly & cliche, but really why do we float around on the edge of the ocean on fragments of fiberglass? In pursuit of that rush, passion pouring through our systems like a third degree burn. That one seemingly perfect wave, vibrancy coursing through our veins. Stoke fuelled by indefinite little moments like these.
Little moments piling back into the car in soggy, sandy, swimmers, peeling off wetsuits.
Film is such a fun medium, a bit of a lucky dip. You never really know exactly how a shot is going to turn out, especially on a gas-station disposable. Sometimes the image is indisinguisable, light leaks masking the subject. However, when you do luck out on that ideal photo, it always seems so much more rewarding. Capturing & in pursuit of the little moments.
Photos captured on a disposable waterproof polaroid, prints painted on with acrylic paints & scanned. Morning at Belongil Beach, Byron Bay, NSW. Surfers- Polly Howarth, Lexi Blanco, Benson Keers, Jaya Guy


Photos, Art, & Words - Bella Langlands-Grieve




July 18, 2018 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: FILM

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