Idyllic Waters by Gaby Marshall
I’m a seventeen year old girl who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Everyone knows me as Gaby. I have been passionate about digital photography since I was around six years old running around the house taking countless, repetitive photos of every object in my house. I shoot with a Canon 7D Mark I which happens to be the first camera I ever bought for myself and is amazing at capturing moments. I focus on travel and surf photography as I frequently travel all across the North Island of NZ. I am also super passionate about taking photos my friends and of other people enjoying where they are and what they’re doing in life.
My submission is a small collection of work that I have photographed over 2 years. I love them and chose them as they combine my passion for nature/scenery/surf and the beautiful people I am lucky to be surrounded by. This selection captures a variety of locations including; Hot Water Beach, Whangapoua, Piha, Forresty, Uluwatu (BALI), Tairua, Port Waikato, Wainui, and Tologa Bay. I hope to journey to even more incredible places in NZ and around the world and capture what makes them so different to one another.



April 12, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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