How the Sea Changed Me by Ashley Joanna

Photography has taken me places I could have never imagined. When I discovered this fiery, passion in myself, I felt like I was unstoppable. I wanted to travel the world and explore. I booked a one-way flight from NYC to Australia and 7 years later, I am still roaming around the world with a camera continuously on my shoulder.

I’ve always had a fascination with the ocean even though I wasn’t exposed to it very often until I lived in Sydney. Having a view of the water every time I stepped into my backyard changed my life. I would immediately feel calm, refreshed, restored, and renewed after I would go for a swim or surf. Even when I was just staring at the ocean, it calmed me. It helped me find solitude with my thoughts, and I have it to thank for my most creative ideas.


When I moved to Hawaii, the first thing I did was buy a water housing for my camera. I quickly became obsessed with photographing waves and people in the ocean. When you are in the moment of doing something you love, there is this euphoric, natural feeling that takes over you. This feeling is what drives me to capture images both on land and in the water. I can best describe it as a free floating sensation that makes you feel powerful and confident in your own skin.
I love photography and I love the ocean. Combining the two gives me the kind of absolute joy that I hope everyone experiences in their life.



February 27, 2020 — SURF VISUALS



Tracie said:

I can relate and totally agree. Water, particularly the ocean, calms me.

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