How The Ocean Empowers Me by Marina Pando
Humans have always experienced an intense relationship with the sea. I believe that pouring feelings into the salty water and let them be washed by it, is an ancient practice. It always helps me to heal, to connect, to keep in balance. 


The sea makes me have mixed feelings. It starts before getting wet. I am at home getting ready, and this strong rush of adrenaline starts running through my veins. Up and down. I put on my wetsuit and the smell of it makes me smile. Up and down. I grab my board and walk to the beach. Up and down. I arrive there, submerge my feet in the sand and stop.  All I can do is stare. My pulse is suddenly slower and all my attention  focuses towards this giant beauty dancing in front of me. After a few minutes my heartbeat starts going faster and I know, it’s time to go inside. Fear, respect, excitement, love. Peace


No matter where I am, Asia or Australia, this feeling is the same every time. Surf  makes me constantly challenge myself, it forces me to focus, to keep going, to stop thinking, to appreciate and to observe. I always wanted to capture that with my camera. I spent these past three years choosing my passions over an office job and every time I get in the water I confirm how blessed I am with this choice.


Moving to Exmouth, WA, gave me the opportunity to go deeper and shoot wildlife as well. I discovered a world so pure and vast just a few meters below my surfboard. When you are underwater, every color shines differently. 


Thank you Momma ocean, you are so beautiful that there are not enough captions to frame it. I committed myself to admire you and try to catch with my viewfinder some of the miracles inside your home. I want to immortalize that insane moment when a person becomes you while catching a wave. I also want to freeze that homeland of yours, all the reefs, all the colours, all the species. Thank you for empowering me. Thank you for letting me in and show me, in such a pure way, how life should be. 


Take a deep breath and feel how the salt washes your body, get in the water and never be the same.




January 15, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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