Home of Both The Impossible and Perfect Shot by Pablo Argüelles
When I was starting to take pics a couple of years ago I also start to follow a lot of surf photographers in social media looking for some inspiration. At that time I realized a common factor, all of them were focused on dream locations, perfect barrels, those perfect shots I could not even dream about at home.
I live in Asturias, North of Spain, and it happens at the tought winter or spring when the goods waves show up, but we don’t have that perfect barrel or that perfect section, If you want to frame it you gotta move a lot and be in the right spot in the right moment.
I always said that the surfers of the area (atlantic europe most of all) are made of a different material because they need to fight to seek the lineup spending hours to ride a decent wave, so as me, when I went with my friends I spent hours taking pictures and none of those were even good. After some time I started to learn, to focus on the waves, the lineup, what position I need to be in every spot to take the pictures I like (I still need to learn a lot).
There is no perfect shot, only the pics you like. It took me some time to realize that. Try new things out of the comfort zone, do analoge as I was doing recently, it’s fun. No perfect shots. 
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August 30, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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