Here, There and Everywhere In-between by Kane Brown
Growing up on the Sunshine Coast has made my style of work to what it is today. As we don’t often get good swells at home, it makes you think different ways to interpret the ocean.
Photography’s lead me to some beautiful places and met even better people especially this year with Japan, Fiji and recently North Sumatra.
I told myself at the start of the year that i wanted to do at least 3 trips for the year not knowing where exactly, but to experience different cultures, photograph new places and meet new people.
The ocean does some crazy things to us. I find it mind boggling how far us 'ocean lovers’ will travel hopefully to score the perfect wave or nail a photograph.
I enjoy documenting the ocean because of it’s unpredictability, inspired by it’s forever changing conditions to be interpreted the way you see and feel it.
Sometimes all it takes is right place right time and yes some understanding of the camera in your hand. Scoring last May’s mega swell over in Fiji opened my eyes to another world.
Witnessing that day up close was something special, never experienced goosebumps for so long in my life haha.
Hats off to all the surfers that day, the internet will never do it justice. I had itchy feet after that trip, so I wanted another experience similar when I booked a last minute flight Nias. Another purple blob on the charts was lurking towards Indonesia this time. Unfortunately I had some equipment fail me on this trip so I didn’t get the results I wanted.
However, I still got to witness another amazing swell come together with a lot of the crew over there that I met in Fiji which was cool.
Photo’s below are from my recent trips and around home.
Happy days….


For more of Kane's work, check his insta here and his website here.


September 12, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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