Heart and Soul by Rachel Frankenbach
These dreary days, if I could only leave and follow my heart ..
These thoughts are in my head every day of my life since I can remember.
Growing up in Germany raised by my dad who has sacrificed everything to make me become this grateful, life frothing human being I am. 
I remember my dad building a bed in the trunk of his old 4x4 so he could take me on adventures through europe. And so we did, it was only us, it’s always been, dad and I, every holidays, every weekend. He sat me in the back of the car and off we go.
We just drove, thousands of kilometres.
I truly loved it.
The most vibrant image stuck in my head ever since is the moment we drove to the top of a hill and after month of not having seen the ocean there it was...
I can smell it,
I can smell it way before I can see it,
But there it is,
it’s endless, it’s powerful, it’s peaceful, it’s scary, it’s silent, it’s loud.
It’s real.
It fills my eyes with tears and my soul with peace every single time I see the ocean.
This love was true and helped me through the days where my soul was filled with darkness, until I finally had ticked off all the boxes and could leave and follow my heart and fill my soul with light.
 All images are taken on 35mm Film, not been edited, all effects are chemical not digital and have highly emotional value to me.




May 23, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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