From Where I Come From by Giulio Pascucci
Some people might say that the best waves are on the opposite side of the world... I would say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  
So yeah, beauty. It’s something that doesn’t exist on its own, but it’s created by you and it’s deeper than it looks.


Every single person on this earth have a different point of view about this concept, it’s something that goes beyond the scientific system. Beauty is a passion, a dream, a feeling, a place, a memory... It’s whatever you want it to be and you can find it anywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look in the right direction. 


For me it’s the combination of a lot of things, my first ever beauty I can remember is and always has been the sea. Since I was a child, my family and I loved to have lunch by the sea during summer at literally couple minutes away from our house, in a small city near the coast in Tuscany, Italy, and I was just excited to swim in the sea with my dad in between waves. That’s where I grew up and still live after 22 years, and where I learned to appreciate all the great things that this place have to offer. 


I learned how to surf in this place, and probably that’s the finest thing that has ever happened to me, I just knew right away that was my very first love, and I was just happy and thrilled to do it again and again. 


Everybody knows that maybe Italy isn’t the right place to go surfing, and that’s exactly what I adore about it! The waiting, the frustration, the stoke, the satisfaction, all the feelings become beauty.


Last thing I know is that at the age of 19 I discovered photography thanks to my dad, he shoots a lot of 35mm film and one day he gave me one of his cameras, a Canon AE-1 with a roll of IlFord HP5 and also the instruction manual and told me “Read this and learn the basics”. So I did it and that’s when I realized “That’s it! Now I have all the pieces to complete the puzzle of my life, the real beauty”. 


Hello everyone, my name is Giulio Pascucci and this is my point of view behind the lenses of my favorites 35mm cameras. 



March 11, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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