Friends by Ruskin Brown
Ruskin Brown never goes far with out his camera.


You will always find Ruskin exploring his neighbourhood and local surroundings with his camera and his faithful dog as a companion.


Ruskin enjoys all genres of photography and experimenting with new post production techniques. These images range from street photography, architecture, stars, portraiture, fashion and all that lies in between and beyond.


Ruskin’s passion and dedication for photography has been fundamental, in creating a highly creative, contemporary body of work at the age of 18.


"Whether traveling by plane, bus, train, but mainly skateboard, my camera is always with me. I am at my happiest, skating around new cities or around my home town, Byron Bay. Along theses journeys I am continuously inspired to stop and capture these places and social scenes that have caught my attention. I am drawn to Black and White film photography. Most of my photos are of people, however you will find a very diverse range of photos within my portfolio. May this be varying from a busy city, to a quiet open paddock. My camera has become extra part of me."






March 22, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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