Free Reign To Write by Sheridan Dixon
We all have a vision, it starts early and it’s always there. This vision is going to make us happy, it’s going to give us the life we want to live and it’s going to take us to so many magical places. The vision can get lost over the years, but never forgotten. The vision can be left behind or put on the shelf, because you think you can live through someone else’s vision, but you can’t. Eventually you will have your heart broken, or you’ll be left behind or someone will be brutally honest with you and you’ll be connected to your vision again. This is a good day. This will be the day you find yourself again and start living for you.


Outdoors is where all the magic happens for me. I take photos so I can show the people I love, how beautiful this world exactly is. There are billions of people living in this place, yet everyone is different. We follow different rules, we have different morals and we share different ways of life. I strive to learn your way and see what you see and by doing this I capture moments. We are different, but we are the same. We have love, we have passion and we grow.


My photos capture the beauty in small things, sometimes simple things. I try to capture the serenity and pass it on to the next person. Happiness is a natural high and capturing beautiful moments makes me happy.


Sheridan Dixon




June 11, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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