Forgotten Paradise by Jake Killen
Hey I'm Jake. A fairly normal 22 year old guy based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.
My passion is being around the ocean and shooting film, tending to squeeze a sneaky wave in whenever I have the opportunity, sloppy or not (mostly always sloppy).
My ocean addiction started at the age of 7. My family used to head down to Byron Bay every Christmas holidays and my Dad was a crazy grom. He still is to this day and pushed me on my first wave.
It wasn't until about 14 that I became a sucker for the sport and the lifestyle, addicted I guess!
Shooting film happened a little later on in my life and was something I did when I was travelling looking for surf. It was a hobby on the side. Surfing was always the priority.
I’ve now been shooting film for 6 years and it has flown by. Both surfing and taking pics almost fall into the same category now.
I have no idea why I started taking photos.  I just had a soft spot for the turnout and got way too excited sticking pics into my wall with thumb tacks and looking back on good times.
These feature photos are a shared bunch with role model Lachlan Mckenzie of a little trip from my home town to the beautiful Tasmania with some great friends.
Tasmania is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone, surfer or not.
From hiking to waves with no one around to getting bogged searching for waves. Endless warm whisky nights playing cards and early morning tubes.  The old cheap hire van (sleeping the 3 of us) was a treat.  


Words: @jakekillen


March 04, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: FILM



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Tina Lee

Tina Lee said:

Fantastic photos. Makes me want to take up surfing. A great life you lead Jake!

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