Fish Out Of Water by Ollie McAuliffe
Some are from North Sumatra, sitting on the boat shooting the most perfect right hander. Running along razor sharp reef this wave demands respect, one small mistake is costly. Breaking next to a island covered in a tea plantation this was of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, four guys out for five hours in perfect conditions, the dream. Some others are off a ski. One of the most creative and ocean inspired men I know on his 60th birthday rides some lefts on a day to remember. And some are from almost the desert. God’s country, where the glaring sun beats down on the harsh red dirt that meets crystal clear almost tropic tempered waters. From the cliffs a tricky barreling a-frame that saw someone take off too late and end up in ankle deep water. And finally a thick lipped freight trains drain at an almost perfect Tombstones.
These are some of my favourite photos from the past year of shooting on 35mm film.
September 05, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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