Film Is My Muse by Sarah Bertog
Film is my muse. Being able to capture life on film, I can say, is one of the best feelings.
These photos were actually all taken within three days. Traveling from Malibu to Ocean Side with a pit stop at Sano, was really fun. I brought out both my film camera and my water camera on this small trip and got photos that I will remember forever. My favorite part about taking film photos is how unpredictable each photo is. I love to print them out and see them in person. The realness of the photos makes it so fun for me.
The wetsuits in these photos are 81 Wetsuits. This brand is based out of Laguna Beach, California and has granted me the privilege of taking photos of such wonderful team riders. From this company, I have made not only friends, but a family of like-minded people who enjoy the ocean just as much as I do. The surf board I am riding in a couple of these photos is a board made by Kris Hall. His boards are super fun, unique boards to ride. His style of boards is something I believe everyone would enjoy in the water.
I originally started taking film photos a couple years back, noticing funny and magical moments in the water that I wanted to remember forever. I got some ideas of cameras from local photographers in the water at that time and have enjoyed taking photos ever since. Although shooting these photos takes a lot of hard work, it is truly the people in them that make them so great. I could take a million photos by myself and they could cool, but nothing special. When the people you love most are shared in these photos it becomes about making memories instead of just taking photos. And that is what I truly love about film.


For more film work by Sarah, check her insta here.

April 17, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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