Bush to Beach by Ethan Rodgers-Falk
Well it all started as grom, learning how to read and surf waves on a body board at the ripeful age of 7. Seeing people standing up got me curious, so i started standing up on my body board. My dad saw this and brought me my first surfboard. An old single fin which he brought off his neighbour. From there you couldn't get me out off the water, it was all I would do. As I got older life took over and water time got limited. Now 28 years young, I started getting my froth back taking a random trip to Indonesia by myself a few years back now. Which opened my mind up to surfing different boards. I live on the Sunshine Coast in QLD Australia, where we have a variety of waves. Which allows me to ride all kinds of surfboards, from finless up to logs. Longboarding begun close to 3 years ago, i absolutely love riding logs and mixing things up while riding them. I recently got my first finless in December last year, falling in love with a different style of surfing once again. I think being able to ride get the hang of riding it goes back to where it all began as a grom being able to stand up and surf on a body board. Which I still enjoy doing to this day!
The photos I have are taken from a mate who has always loved taking photos. 



April 27, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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