Enigmatic Latin Woman by Owen Schultz 

The summer afternoons here in Puerto Escondido are like a mixed plate of tacos. Storms may accumulate over the adjoining mountain range & sweep out to sea as fast as they formed. The light can shine through pockets of thick cumulus clouds to cast moody wild settings the Pacific Mexican coast is renowned for. 

The wind predominantly swings onshore around lunch. However, if it’s blowing straight from the south for those that know puerto - it’s natural footers dream. Blowing directly into the bathymetric shaped righthanders, waves will continue to spit & hiss all day as though the ocean were alive with mexican rattle snakes. The beach at zicatela can be a steaming mirage where the hot mexican sun keeps everyone locked away inside air conditioned rooms or rolled out, "tortilla" like under fans. 

Sometimes for the lucky few, the wind might drop out and the bay turn into a translucent dream. Oil glassed peaks roll in & detonate on the shallow low tide sand bars. Rips move in for 10 or 15 minutes before disappearing to an onslaught or barrage of perfectly groomed south-swell wedges stacking in one behind the other like a whistling mariachi band. 

For hours it may not stop & as everyone slowly rises from their mexican siesta slumber, many may not realise what they’ve missed until it’s too late. Those who come here often know that the afternoon storms bring about the cooler weather & offshores. A chance to surf perfect A-frames that unravel up & down the beach. Reminiscent of the famous pupakea beach on the north shore, pipeline & backdoor-esque grinders will continue to chew the sand out from under the hoards of tourists relaxing on the beach. 

As the crowds fill in, glowing grins adorn all. There can be a satiable amount of waves to be shared & talked about over a few sunset drinks or Oaxacan style pizza dubbed the “Tlayuda” (pronounced Tla’ Yuda). If Indonesia is known for it's perfection & Hawaii for it's power, Puerto escondido can be described as an enigmatic latin woman who will sometimes taunt you with both.




February 20, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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