Endless Possibilities by Dan Kempster
I am sure most surfers can relate to this. The idea of the perfect wave. You know the ones you’d see in the mags – turquoise blue water,  a palm tree lined backdrop, and a flawless barrelling wave. Not a drop of water out of place. Not another soul in sight.
For me travelling and surfing go hand in hand, it’s the search and lure for that ultimate wave. Chasing the dream. The endless possibilities. Not just travelling overseas, but even at home. Driving hours just to find that little bit of untouched paradise. Always wondering what’s around the next headland or what tide and swell direction does that reef work best on.
Even if you don’t score amazing waves at your destination, it’s as much about the journey, the adventure, the beautiful landscapes, the people you meet and the banter with your mates that make the trip all the more memorable. 
I consider myself pretty lucky to have grown up on the Victorian coast, spending countless hours surfing or hanging at the beach. That has shaped who I am today. An ocean addict. 
That’s why I’m so obsessed with capturing the ocean. My earliest memories of surf photography were with those waterproof disposable film cameras when I was fifteen. Thankfully technology has advanced since the 90s and I now shoot using a DSLR camera, a water housing and a drone to capture some of my travels, seascapes and my friends doing what they love - surfing. 


January 25, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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