EastWay by Karly Potts

Words by Karly.

I’m an analogue photographer who grew up on the East Coast of NSW, in the areas around Byron Bay. I try to capture the long summers and laid back vibe of the coast, where there’s banter on the waves and a real appreciation for the water – I think the aesthetic that comes with shooting on 35mm captures that simplicity. 


This photo series captures a summer up and down the East coast, pulling into small coastal towns and making the most of the long days with mates - from the surf check in the morning to the cool dusk spent at the headland with a beer in hand.  The areas around Byron Bay feature heavily, where the small town feel of a surfing community is set against the warm, salty vibes of the landscape. All images are shot on 35mm film with the trusty Nikonos V, in a golden kind of nostalgia.




View more of Karly's work here via The Wild Folk Collective. 


May 01, 2017 — SURF VISUALS

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