Don't Let the Best Moments Die by João Prates

I believe in lot letting the best moments die.

I’m a 20 years old videographer and photographer based in Switzerland, that loves to capture life at its most natural form. Moments that’s we don’t want to forget or even places and things that inspired us in some sort of way.

I would definitely consider myself a lifestyle photographer. Be able to play with angles, lights, shadows, sounds and all the craziness the world as to offer is just an unexplain- able feeling.

I was lucky enough to start traveling quite young. I guess I did my first BMX trip at theage of 15 with some friends and since then it’s been for sure the biggest part of my life. There’s nothing like get in a car with a bunch of friends and drive for hours laughing and having fun without worry about anything else, followed by the excitement of getting home and get all those films you spent developed, all those memory’s that will always be with you .

I wouldn’t say I do photos of something specific. Because I ride BMX, skate, surf, snowboard, I easily transfer from one to other which for me amazing to see how allthese different sports have the same vibe of freedom and family.

You can crush a wave that’s you’ve been looking to for a week through you window, or you can shred that set of stairs that destroyed you the last time ... the feeling of achievement will be the same ... that’s one of the reasons I do photography and film-making ... the feeling of achievement you have when I finish that edit or receive the scans of those crazy shots you got is priceless.

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July 30, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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