Do The Right Thing by Eat Your Water
Eat Your Water… Started as a bit of a hobby on the East Coast for a couple of blokes who call Newcastle home. Truth be told, we had no idea what we were doing when we venture into the world of a surf brand. All we knew was what we loved and figured a few other people might think it was alright as well.


From the get go, we saw the everyday t-shirt as more than just a t-shirt. We wanted to create walking billboards. With a passion for marine conservation and all things nature, our in-house design team scribbles frantically to create designs that do more than just look cool. We wanted to send messages and raise awareness for things that actually matter. Through both subtle design innuendos, and not so subtle, we relay our passion to others.


Fast track three years and we are well into it now! We actually have some idea of what we are doing these days. The best part of it all, what we set out to do has now reached over 100,000 legends from around the globe. It’s hard to measure the dent we are putting in our cause, let alone how many people have truly seen our message. However, as long as we keep getting our gear on more and more people, we know the bigger the change that we make!


Do the right thing..








October 01, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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