Desire by Austin Mullen

Theres a part of everyone that wants to see what else is out there. Some of us have a burning desire inside our hearts to live a life of uncertainty and passion, I am one of those people. Since I was young, I had a restless soul. Constantly wanting to be on the move, I grew older and the feeling grew stronger. Road trips as a teen turned to flying further and further around the world.


I recently spent roughly a year wandering around, visiting numerous countries. Right in the middle I ran out of money. But as life usually does, an opportunity presented itself. Working in Alaska fell fishing for salmon, so I booked a ticket on credit and went for it. I had no idea what I was doing, no money in my pocket, only a lust for experience. During the entirety of roaming around, I constantly shot photos teaching myself new techniques through trial and error. There was hardly a time where I didn’t have my camera with me.


Venturing into the unknown with and open mind is travel, it’s adventurous, and it’s a feeling you can only understand once you get out of your comfort zone. Someone once said “once things go wrong, thats when the adventure begins”. Things will go wrong, quite frequently, and at the worst time. Embrace it, and when you look back you’ll have stories for years to come. My camera is my journal for myself My hope for others is to inspire a creative passion and jump far from the ordinary and pursue something they’ve dreamt of.


Spontaneity must be a focus, I remember sitting in the Kuala Lumpur Airport browsing flights. I heard of an island called Mauritius. Knowing I could never afford a flight from my home country I thought this place was out of the option, until I found a round ticket for less that 300 U.S dollars. I knew nothing of the country, but I booked it on the spot. I spent 2 days in Kuala Lumpur waiting for my flight to this mysterious place. I boarded the flight nervous, alone, and not a clue what to expect. The emotion of fear kicked in making me feel alive.


Mauritius was the farthest place I’ve been from home, the two weeks spent there were unforgettable. I melted from heat in public buses, got lost searching for an ocean so blue and full of color you’d think you were in a painting. Mountainous landscape covered in deep green lush color surrounded me as I journeyed alone. I was the outsider, another feeling I’d never known until then. When you are that alone, you learn things about yourself you’d otherwise never know.


Over the time traveling I found we are all the same, no matter the color of our skin, the way we speak. We’re just humans, all of us long for a deeper connection, we search for love, we desire happiness, and seek thrill and adventure in our own ways.


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February 20, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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