Days To Come, Days To Remember by Mitch Pope
The comfort of your hometown and community is such a good feeling. Being able to rock up to the beach where everyone knows each other in the water, or go to the local supo and not get through without seeing some of your mates, it’s a cool thing. If it’s a nice day, and the waves are good, we would spend all day coasting around surfing, fill up on chicken and chips and surf again for the rest of the day until dark. Living here has definitely put me where I want to be in life, and I think now if I lived anywhere else other than by the water, I wouldn’t cope. I’d go insane haha.


 It’s not super often that the waves are good here, which can make it hard to shoot and stay consistent with today’s social media demands, but when we do get those good days it makes it all the more special. It kind of reunites the surf community. After weeks of no waves, all of a sudden everyone is back out their huts and it’s epic. It definitely keep’s me stoked on shooting when the waves are good too. I might go weeks or months without getting a surf shot that I’m satisfied with, so when it does turn on again it’s so much fun, and I want to get the shots to remember the good days we’ve had and stay excited for the ones to come.


Here’s some work from recent months around home.



November 06, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
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