In Between Nowhere, Lies This by Chris Grundy
I’ve always loved shooting the ocean and for me there’s no better feeling than getting up in the early hours of the morning, driving to a location and not knowing what’s going to appear in front of your eyes. Always welcomed with new something different and unique.
Its an element that’s out of your control and even harder to predict. A forever changing subject is great to work with though. As it challenges you to create an image given the circumstance at hand. Light can change so dramatically in a such a short period of time and documenting the subject throughout that change can have a huge impact on the work your producing and result in something quite special.
Photography to me is a reflection of my feelings; acting as a visual reminder of a place that I've explored. Whether that be just a single frame or trip, that little glimpse is all I need to take me back to that place of thought. Over time I found its important to slow the whole process down, and kind of treat a photograph like a blank canvas. Whatever I may fill that canvas with, becomes a way of expressing myself and my art. I often go back and look a old work with a fresh eye; and from there I start to develop new ideas and concepts. 
I always appreciate the way people interpret your creation. I think there’s no rules to photography, everyone has their own way of editing, shooting and seeing this world. I just wait for things that stand out and grab my attention. 




May 07, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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