Changes by Chris Gollhofer
For the last three years I started my days with thoughts like “Why am I here and not there?“ or "Why do I work in a job I am not satisfied in?" These types of questions followed me all day long, sometimes also all night. The answer was quite simple - good income and a thing called “social reputation“. But yearning in me got louder and louder and so I decided to quit my job and find my self in Portugal, doing what I really passionate about. Surfing, taking photos and being surrounded by likeminded people.  
When I told my parents about my plans, they could not stand the idea. I suppose they’re just afraid that their son will become a dropout.
But ever since I left Germany, I feel better and better - every day. Of course I have to work to make a living, so I started volunteering in a hostel and work as a freelance photographer. Especially photography gave me some of the most memorable moments so far. I started in Arrifana (Algarve) where I was shooting the local surf-community, went on a 3 week photo production, from Hossegor down to Zarrautz, back to Seignosse to shoot for a German Surfmagazin. And now, I am back in Portugal to enjoy the good times Ericeira offers me. 
Looking back the last three years, it feels like, I was some kind of a dropout of life. Although I don´t know if it was the wisest choice I made, it currently feels like the best. 
If you go on a road trip, people keep saying “The journey will reward you“. So let’s transfer this on life and let´s see what’s coming next…
My name is Chris Gollhofer, freelance photographer and I am happy to share my story with you.
August 13, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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