A Strong Westerly by Brad Engelbrecht
A bit about me! My family is originally from Zimbabwe, we moved to Australia in 2004 and have lived throughout West Aus ever since. I am now based in Broome and to say I am stoked about that is an understatement!


Growing up I would always find myself digging through my parent’s old photo albums which all happened to be film. I guess that’s where my passion for film photography really started. Using film requires you to think about the photo you are about to take, you only have one shot at it. I love using film because it creates a memory that you can share and look back on.


My favourite place to shoot is without a doubt Broome. The colours in and around Broome are spectacular, the pindan contrasting against the ocean is something you don’t get anywhere else in the world. Second to Broome, I also love taking flicks of friends and family. Capturing everyday ordinary moments that you can reminisce on in years to come.


For now, Covid-19 has put a hold on all my planned travels as it has for all of us. Hopefully Covid-19 and all that it has brought with it passes in the near future. Once that happens I will be looking to travel around the Kimberly and the Northern Territory. We have so much right on our front doorstep as Australians. Before you travel internationally think of those affected by this pandemic, spend your money in Aus and make a difference!!


 I hope you enjoy the flicks displayed. All of which have been taken in WA. Stay local!
May 08, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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