Beautiful Chaos by Bruce Ellis
I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my love and admiration for the explosive, 100 metres of ocean that keeps me coming back for more every day.
Hi, my name is Bruce Ellis and I like to spend my spare time documenting surfing along the West Australian coastline. More recently though I've found my passion in trying to convey the many moods and faces of this one unique stretch of sand. 
From the beauty of the triangular wedge that forms in its corner, to the massive backwash explosions down the line, this place has it all. My favorite thing about shooting here is feeling the power and intensity of the ocean while swimming around in its chaos. The anticipation of timing your entry, the grind of scrambling back up the rocks afterwards with waves coming in from all directions at once…there’s no shortage of energy out there.
The most challenging part is trying to be in the right position for when the waves connect. The waves come together to create the most enticing looking wedge begging to be back doored or send you sky high. Then on the other hand, it likes to create this monster that charges at you looking like it wants to gobble you up and take anything down in its path. Either way it’s a place like no other and I take great pride and pleasure in trying to portray all its moods through photography.
Quite simply put I love the place like no other!



February 21, 2020 — SURF VISUALS


Sue Wheeler

Sue Wheeler said:

Fantastic photo’s! You’re very talented!

john golder

john golder said:

fantastic stuff, keep going

Ben Cummins

Ben Cummins said:

Freakin rad!!!

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