The Basque Log Photographer by Xabier Beloki

My name is Xabier Beloki. I´m 17 years old and I´m a young surf photographer from the Basque Country. I´ve always been a huge sea lover and I´ve always wanted to be a photographer. I started using a GoPro and then I changed it for a good camera with a quality housing. I started shooting shortboard only but one year ago, I realized that longboarding was my passion. My favourite places to shoot are my home town Donostia, Zarautz and the french coast. Right now I´m the ambassador of a lovely surf shop called HAWAII DONOSTIA. I´m so happy to be working with them. My passion for longboard photography started when they invited me to shoot a longboard competition called the Hawaii Donostia Single Fin Classic. What an experience! And from there, I started shooting local longboarders like Telmo Moro, Alvaro Rezola, Jon Garmendia, Iker Treviño, Ion Uranga and a lot more! I hope I can continue doing this for the rest of my life!


February 24, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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