Baked Dinner by Jesse Landrigan
I had a friend describe my photography as a ‘baked dinner’ recently. In his words, “Your photography is like a baked dinner, it’s really homely you know, just hanging with your mates and stuff.” I’ve never had someone describe my photography before and I think his depiction is pretty accurate. 
Firstly, I love film so much because you capture such short lasting moments into a still emotion or feeling and you can’t even see what you have produced until you get it developed. Secondly, I love being a photographer because you see the smallest details in everything! I’m always looking in weird directions and trying to compose photos with my eyes. I’m always saying things like, “oh man look at those clouds and the detail!” People kind of just reply with a “yeah” and shrug it off. I feel like people are missing out a little, but that’s why I feel so privileged to have film photography as a hobby.
What motivated me to start was actually to have all my shots printed out and start collating them into albums. I want to be able to hand a book to my friends and future family and they can just flick through and look at my life you know? Like the stuff my parents show me because with the new information age, what are people going to show their kids?


The photos in front of you have been mostly taken from my Nikon L35AD point and shoot cam and a couple from a Diana Mini, it’s a Lomography camera and I really like some of the weird and wacky shots it produces, I hope you do too.


Churs legends!




June 16, 2019 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: FILM

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