The Turbulent & Wonderful Rides by Aprille Zammit
Throughout the past couple of years of waves, the one constant that never dissolved was shooting film. My Nikon F3 has been through it all with me capturing all the turbulent and wonderful rides. I love the balance of control and the lack of that the medium presents. Just like learning to ride waves- there will always be that unpredictability as no two are the same. I find this exciting as the possibilities are endless. 
As I write this I am currently sailing through beautiful clusters of islands. Each one is blanketed in lush green vegetation and continuously kissed by shimmering shades of blue waves. My mental and physical view is polar opposite to how my year started out.
I like to view life as sets of up and down waves you travel along. Many waves will come and go. Some are way too heavy and duck diving is the only means of avoiding disaster. Others may look perfect, but just at the last moment transform into an unridable mess causing you to tumble down and get held under, fighting for air. They are wild card waves; important lessons, teaching us humility, respect and appreciation through fighting for air and our lives that depend on it.  
I started off my year paralysed by my mind, sleeping away my life rather than living it. A wave had consumed me and held me so far down under; I lost track of where the surface was and had no fight in me to find it. The endless possibilities and excitement life usually presented where clouded by depression. A simple chemical imbalance that blocked me from seeing the pure beauty in riding the waves of life. 
Luckily the correct medication and time presented me with the reasons for swimming back to the surface. I started to crave the unknown sets of rolling experiences coming my way again. I’m so grateful for the desire to paddle hard; to catch the good waves. Commit and dig your hands deep into the ocean; fight through the fear and doubt that anything worthwhile will bring. The magical feeling that consumes you once you are gliding down the surface of a beautiful blue hill is worth any struggle.

February 06, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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