A Little Bit Of Portugal by Helio Antonio
My name is Helio Antonio and I’m a photographer from Nazare, Portugal. Photography appeared in my life when I got into surfing and felt this urge to take pictures of the waves. I was dazzled by perfect barrels and wanted to capture the beauty of what I was watching in the water. So the first shooting experiences took place at surf spots around Nazare, using disposable waterproof film cameras. Quality wasn’t amazing but the main goal was to just have fun and keep the memories.


Years went by and when I finally got a digital camera and housing I was hooked. I started exploring Portugal coastline with some of my friends who introduced me to waves that I never imagined existed in Portugal. Our country is so small but the amount of quality spots combined with swell consistency turn Portugal into one of the best surf destinations on the planet.


Nowadays my main goal is to travel to places I’ve never been while covering the best swell we get at home. I feel so lucky to have Nazare as my hometown since the diversity and amazing moments I witness are unrivaled to any other place I’ve been to.



April 28, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
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Levi said:

Unreal photos, would love to hang out next time I’m in Portugal 🇵🇹 👏🏼

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