A Heartened Winter by Hayden O'Neill

Winter at home….it was a warm fire, a bitter morning in the car. I relished in the scroll of travelling friends photo’s on the gram.


I feel as if i’m missing warm weather, i’m missing parts of my sanity.


2017 saw me spend my first entire year grounded in Victoria, a beautiful but hostile place that can zap your soul on the coldest of morning’s.

Waves were definitely beautiful through winter, cold and mind numbing but beautiful.


On a daily basis i would find myself reminiscing on times where board shorts and a cold beer were a staple in my day to day routine of Indonesia.

But quickly that realistic cold would electrify you and bring you crashing back down into the chilled waters.

It wasn’t all despair with some amazing moments in between, some moments that make you stop and appreciate the mystical parts of where you live.


These are a few of those moment’s


As for grounding myself at home, it’s all for an end goal. 

The great American road trip, but more on that next time….

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People will stare make it worth their while. 

January 23, 2018 — SURF VISUALS
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