A Good Day in Tuscany by Tomaso Pardini
It’s Late Night and you’re in bed already. You can’t sleep, you keep on Looking at your phone, checking for the last time the Forecast. This time it looks like is the good swell.


Alarm set at 6AM.


You wake up in a rush, equipment is ready but you get a message from your friend. “It’s not good, windy and too big, we have to look somewhere else.”


So as always, the search begin. You Text some friends from the south, some of the north, but everyone tell you the same thing. It’s just not good. But the sea is big, you know something is hiding somewhere. You have to find a surfable wave. 


It’s 11 AM, You’ve looked at so many spots, and all of them are shitty, you start to lose hope, as always, but as always, you know that Neptune gifts the ambitious.


After a morning spent driving through the coast, near lunch time, the wind finally turns, the sun come out and you can have your deserved 6hrs session.


The rest is just a dream. The taste of those head height waves is sweeter than Honey, emerald green waves are sorrounded by an amazing environment that only Tuscany can offer.


That’s how a good day in Tuscany is. You have to make your own luck, but as always, surfing at home is a wonderful experience.












May 04, 2020 — SURF VISUALS

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