A Documentation of Yesterday's Today by Gareth Owens
Living on the southern end of the Gold Coast is a great place to capture a wide variety of different subjects. The people, the waves, the nature and the party. Theres always something happening. A place full of creatives all sharing a solid core foundation of there love for the ocean. 
I started documenting my trips and day to day life a few years ago now and since then i have just fallen in love with how much satisfaction you can get with shooting analogue. I mostly shoot 35mm, but also like tinkering around with a bit of 8mm and medium format. As of lately I’ve really been into shooting black and white, using Kodak 400TX or TMAX. 
Surfing and photography seem to go hand in hand. I find myself always wanting to go to new countries and find new places with the main motivation being these two things. 
For me analogue photography is a culture in itself. Something that can’t be created on any other format. Film is timeless.
For more work by Gareth, check his insta here.
September 25, 2018 — SURF VISUALS

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