Another week of the 2019 #SVPHOTOCOMP has come and gone, and we’d like to share with you some more images that have caught our attention in the past 7 days. The entries across all categories are still coming in hot from all over the globe (12 countries and counting), so if you’re planning on entering and haven’t done so yet, be sure to get it done by October 1st. There is only one more week to go and we’re no closer to selecting any winners. Good luck to all!


Photo: Marcus Coblyn


Photo: Filepe Silva


Photo: Walk Wild Studio


Photo: Hayden O'Neill


Photo: Lachlan Dempsey


Photo: Marcus Paladino


Photo: Steph Teixeira


Photo: Sean Curran


Photo: Nick White


 Photo: Hugh Miles











September 23, 2019 — SURF VISUALS

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