$2 Point and Shoot by Molly Nash
My film journey started when I picked up a $2 point & shoot in a country op shop! I crossed my fingers and toes it would develop some flicks, and they came out perfectly - I was beyond stoked. Later that year I picked up a Super8 film camera off eBay for such a bargain!!


My first summer after school I went on a road trip up the East Coast of Aus and fell in love with the coastline. I was so happy to have all those crazy memories captured on film, and meet so many people on the way.


I bought my first board from a backpacker in Bondi, and we surfed (pretty poorly) every opportunity we got. My all-time favourite break will forever be in Noosa, it’s so cruisy and also where I grew up learning to surf with my brothers. We camped our way up the coast, eating, reading, beaching, surfing and meeting up with friends along the way. We developed a love for living on the road, always making excuses to strap the boards on the roof and getting out of the city! Roadies get so addictive and we take every chance we can to head down the Victorian coastline to Torquay and Anglesea. Although its super chilly, it’s so refreshing to get out of town and into the water.



April 08, 2020 — SURF VISUALS
Tags: FILM

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